Feminist: the person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes


Taylor Swift performing “Shake It Off” at the 2014 VMA’s (HD)

Ryan Murphy: You know what would make this show better?
Glee fans: Continuity?
Glee fans: Character development?
Glee fans: Respect towards female characters?
Glee fans: More focus on the original cast?
Glee fans: Good writing?
Ryan Murphy: MORE NEW CHARACTERS!!!!! :D


~Ally Carter, 
Out of Sight, Out of Time Quotes


~Ally Carter,
Out of Sight, Out of Time Quotes

Favorite Monchele pictures 18/100

Favorite Monchele pictures 18/100


have you ever loved a lyric so much that when you hear it feels like your heart is trying to burst out of your body



Remember when Nickelodeon had a song about sexual harassment

Never forget

It’s safe to say there was always a spark between us.




"I just feel like grief is the hardest thing in the whole world. And you have the opportunity, at a certain point, to either let it kind of take you down or try your best to rise. And I said ‘I need to get out and I need to move forward in his memory and do everything I can for him.’"